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Who is Athletic Science Training and what is behind the name?

Well guys, welcome to my first blog post about Athletic Science Training, who is behind it and why it is actually called like this.


Athletic Science Training was born in 2019 and is administrated by me, your personal trainer Chrissi.

I'm 33 years old and born in the big city of Berlin, Germany.

My love for sport and fitness goes way back into my childhood. Back in the days I was a very good runner at school, even won some competitions, and have always been good at school sports. Of course it was my favourite subject at school.

Even though I have always been a sporty person, I suffered early on from lower back pain. Why? Because my muscles in the lower and upper back, as well as my glutes were underdeveloped and untrained. A typical reason for lower back pain.

Doctors told me to do sports but it took me years to set my first step into the gym because I was unaware of all the benefits of health and wellbeing a fitness lifestyle would give to me.

I was afraid that I'm going to be even skinnier than I already was because I would start to do fitness. I thought it was only meant for people who wanted to lose weight. I thought big muscular guys were always kind of big in the beginning and just added muscle to their already existing mass. Little did I know how wrong I was.

Well, in the end my back pain won and was the first reason why I decided to go into the world of sweaty people and groaning men and women.

And then everything became pretty fast. Not so much later I got my first gym program, went 5 times per week to the gym and then it happened. I saw the first results. And that for me was the key point. Seeing that not only my back got better with time, also other muscles on my body started to develope. I got addicted.

I was diving deeper and deeper into it,

got more and more knowledge and hit the point, were I wanted to help other people to achieve what I have achieved and first and foremost do it correctly, injury free and anatomically correct. So I became a personal trainer and built up my company.


But why is it called Athletic Science Training?

Well, I have a tremendous love for the science behind the muscle. The big why's and how's is what keeps me going. Like why do you have to do the exercise in a certain kind of way and why can it be so pointless, yes even dangerous, if you do it in another way.

Everything you do in the gym with your body is physics and science.

Your muscles and body functions are designed to work in a specific way, so I am coaching you to train your body in its natural and not in the most common way.

My main target is to provide a goal orientated fitness training, by learning from the beginning the correct technique, based on your anatomy, to achieve your goals faster and first and foremost, injury free.

Training your body based on anatomy and the latest science.

A science based fitness training.

While I also think, that a sportsman/woman should never lack athleticism, I never forget to include athletic training in my programs. I want you to be muscular and quick at the same time, or have a bikini body and be able to do plenty of sit ups.

That's how the name Athletic Science Training was born.

Folks, I'm at the end of my first blog post, I tried to make it as short and quick as possible.

I hope I could provide you an insight into me as a personal trainer and into Athletic Science Training.

What do you think?

Leave a comment and like below.

Until the next time!

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